About Us

Disruption is at the core of Smash My Trash. Our founding partners come from varied backgrounds, with one partner having extensive freight, logistics, and custom packaging experience. After years of challenges in managing commercial waste contracts, open-top container hauling logistics, unreliable service, constantly escalating costs and insulting nickel and dime fees, he finally reached his breaking point of frustration.

Necessity is certainly the mother of all invention.  Our partner’s years of frustration led to the discovery of our Smash Machine technology.  As we would quickly learn, the frustration he experienced was virtually universal, and formed the genesis of a simple premise – the industrial and commercial waste industry is ripe for disruptive change.

That fundamental premise has guided our company, our team, and our technology as we have grown from a small start-up to a disruptive force with distribution personnel located throughout the United States.   Our goal is simple – to empower the dramatic reduction of waste spending in ways never before possible, facilitate better stewardship of our environment, and give our customers the tools to no longer be at the whim of their local waste companies.   Our technology is empowering, cost saving, and as environmentally beneficial as anything developed in at least the last 20 years.

We continue to grow, and quickly, as our customers learn about our technology, our machines, and the economic benefits of this disruption.  We distribute, install, warranty, and service our equipment to customers nationwide, employing the skills and expertise of our highly experienced national sales team. We also operate a service based model, whereby we Smash containers using our own equipment for a fee.  We work with parties on licensing and franchising our service model, as well as distributing our equipment to innovative and forward-thinking companies in the waste industry.

Technology empowers disruption and change, putting pressure on businesses to do more for the consumer. The waste industry has been one of the few industries to undergo little to no meaningful disruption via technology. We’ve seen the fees for fuel surcharges when oil was at $30.  We’ve seen the $5 statement fees, the $6 gate unlock fees (yes, to unlock the gate).  We know the frustration of the broken down compactors and the annual fee increases approaching 25% in some cases.   We know the games that are played, all at the expense of you – the customer.

Ultimately that’s why Smash My Trash exists – to be a disruptive force.  Please look around, learn more about our machines and how they can benefit your facilities.  Talk to one of our sales executives, and learn how we become an advocate for you and your facility.