Hurricane Harvey - Updates & Information

Maximize Your Smashes with Smash My Trash LLC

In the coming weeks, dumpster rental and hauling will become increasingly difficult or impossible. We are here to help you combat the issues associated with waste build up and removal. Local hauling companies will have a 3-5 day minimum turn around on dumpsters. After the flooding in April, the cheapest haul around was around $1000 for multiple weeks. Smash My Trash uses it's Mobile SMASH Truck to compact, shred and tear that waste, eliminating the dead space in that debris. Now you have a fully compacted container.


Current customers can CLICK HERE to request SMASH service, or EMAIL US by clicking here.


Maximize Your Smashes with Smash My Trash LLC

Help Out Your Friends In Need

In an effort to help with the increasing demand for clean up resources, we are now accepting referrals!


When you fill out the quick and easy referral form, the information will be sent to our sales team who will reach out right away. When they become a Smash My Trash customer, your account will be credited with $200.00 statement credit that can be applied to a future bill. A great way to help out your community and save $$$. » SEND REFERRAL




Local Conditions and Helpful Links

» Google Crisis Map - Get the latest information about shelters, storm location, weather, and active alerts.
» Road Conditions - Live list of closed and blocked roads due to high water and other debris.
» Airport Information - Flight delays and surrounding road closures.
» Local News Source - Local news coverage and up-to-the-minute information.