Maximizing Your Service with Smash My Trash

Maximize Your Smashes with Smash My Trash LLC

Maximizing the value and efficiency of your Smashes is critical to your operations and your bottom line. For this reason we provide Valet Service to your business. In conjunction with our own dumpsters, our trucks will Smash your dumpsters as many times as necessary to minimize your number of hauls.

You are only billed once a month, directly proportional to the number of hauls your business actually realized.  In this way, our service remains a cost effective solution that grows with your busy season, and minimizes costs during periods of slower activity. 

 By using our dumpsters, we assume all responsibility for managing your waste program.  We Smash the containers, we haul them, and we make all decisions on when hauls are required.  Your employees are free to spend their valuable time away from managing your waste concerns. No other waste solution exists that offers the combination of tremendous costs savings and operational efficiency.

How do we save you money? It's simple!