Mobile Smash Machine

Mobile Smash Machine by Smash My Trash, LLC

  • Best for large acreage sites with dumpsters located in multiple locations – airports, manufacturing campuses, rail yards, marine ports, prisons, universities, etc.
  • Operated via mobile diesel chassis
  • Smash Machine driven to dumpsters, smashing provided as needed
  • Allows for multiple Smash compactions per day per dumpster – maximum compaction rates
  • Hydraulic lift on front of Smash Compactor allows for movement of containers around facility; flexibility ensured for maximum savings, logistical operations
  • Fully customized to customer needs – heating, air conditioning, safety monitors, automated programming

Our DISRUPTIVE solution for large acreage site with multiple dumpsters

Machine Fast Facts

The Mobile Smash Machine presents a truly disruptive solution for the large scale facility or campus with substantial waste volume in multiple containers. This machine is the mobile alternative to the disruptive Static Smash Machine. It is equipped with a powerful diesel engine which not only powers the compacting Smash unit but also the chassis of the machine.

By using a joystick and steering wheel, the Mobile Smash Compactor is easy to operate around a facility, as well as navigate between containers with different packing material.

With proven 70-80% reductions in container haul volumes, facilities quickly realize immediate financial benefits from the Mobile Smash Machine. Equally impressive are the logistical benefits of controlling the Smash function across an entire campus or facility. Finally, the dramatic reduction in haul volumes equates to hard environmental benefits to the organization; measuring emissions eliminated from transfer station and landfill trips is a basic math problem.

  • 15-20 years Useful Life with Proper Maintenance
  • Standard equipment includes high wattage LED lighting for night operations, flashing operating lights and audible operating alarms
  • Forward- and backward-looking video monitors for safe operation while underway
  • Travels approximately 5 mph to ensure safe operation
  • Clean emission powerplant options available for environmentally sensitive customers, as well as indoor operation via electrical motor propulsion
  • Hydraulic front lift to easily move containers around a facility from the comfort of the control bay
  • Option to plug in to shore power and use remotely as a Static Smash Compactor without user intervention