Rail Smash Machine

Rail Smash Machine by Smash My Trash, LLC

  • Best for multiple container sites with concentrated operations, serving recycling and general waste in one area. Ranging from 2 to 10 or more dumpsters in one general area.
  • Operated via 240 or 480 volt power; diesel power coming soon for independent operation.
  • Both automatic and manual operation available, providing economical Smash solutions.
  • Facilitates maximum Smash compaction per day per dumpster; loading containers while Smashing ensures operational efficiency.
  • Machine custom designed for space allocation and restrictions, loading angles, ramps, and bins/hoppers.
  • Safety and durability throughout design and manufacturing – variable speed motors, automatic lubrication systems, visual and audible alarms, self-pinning locking system.

Our DISRUPTIVE solution for multiple container sites

Machine Fast Facts

The Rail Smash Machine embodies disruption, both economically and logistically, for facilities with multiple containers located in close proximity to one another. This machine is the cost effective extension of the Static Smash Machine, providing similarly impressive results, but expanding capabilities to multiple containers with only one Smash Machine.  Given the focus on recycling, many of our larger customers commonly have at least three containers – two general waste and one recycling.  For that reason, our Rail Smash System delivers tremendous ROI for large scale manufacturers, distribution centers, recycling operators, healthcare facilities, and other similar facilities of size.  

With proven 70-80% reductions in container haul volumes, facilities quickly realize immediate financial benefits from the Rail Smash Machine. Equally impressive are the operational benefits of Smashing while continuously filling other containers; in other words, the Rail Smash Machine will never slow down a facility’s operational workflow. Finally, the dramatic reduction in haul volumes equates to hard environmental benefits to the organization; measuring emissions eliminated from transfer station and landfill trips is both simple and compelling.

  • 15-20 years Useful Life with Proper Maintenance
  • Standard equipment includes high wattage LED lighting for night operations, flashing operating lights and audible operating alarms
  • Self-pinning and variable speed controlled shifting system, ensuring safety and durability
  • Both manual and automatic Smash mode capabilities.
  • Customized design, manufacturing, and installation for 2 containers up to 15 or more, including housing multiple Smash Units on the same rail system.
  • Sliding mechanism designed using central weight distribution mechanism of high pressure compaction systems deployed in transfer stations throughout the world.