About Us

Smash My Trash is a revolution in commercial and industrial waste removal. For decades customers large and small have had little choice but to rely on compactors and open-top containers for the removal of their waste. This inefficient, costly service results in consistent problems and disappointment, including:

  • Lackluster and unreliable performance from dumpster haulers
  • Consistently increasing costs and “fuel surcharges”
  • Requirements to add additional compactors and containers, consuming valuable real estate
  • Utilizing employees’ valuable man-hours to deal with overflowing dumpsters, manually stuffing, compacting, and cutting material to attempt to make room for additional waste

In an environment of ever-increasing costs, Smash My Trash provides a truly revolutionary solution to the waste management problem for commercial, industrial, and home building customers. Offering savings of 20% or more on waste expenses, we provide on-demand open-top container waste compaction services. As disruptive as our service is, we keep things simple:

  • No Contracts
  • No changes to your current trash hauler
  • No equipment to buy or capital investment to make

Smash My Trash is an on-demand service, guaranteed to arrive in as little as 4 hours. Simply Request a Smash, and we do all the rest. Our professional drivers arrive on site, compact your dumpster, and provide you with significantly increased volume for adding more waste to your container.

Smash My Trash in Action