Static Smash Machine

Static Smash Machine by Smash My Trash, LLC

  • Best for single dumpster sites or multiple dumpsters spread out on a larger campus/facility
  • Multiple Smashes per day per dumpster. Train your employees to use between 2-6 hours per day for maximum savings. Use as frequently as needed for maximum compaction rates of 5:1 or more.
  • Fully automated Smash compaction cycles – start/stop operation programmed between 20 minutes and 2 hours, for example, with minimal, if any, input from your employees.
  • Mounted indoors/outdoors – maximum flexibility in usage and deployment, including custom hoppers, bins, and loading mechanisms. Powered by 240/480 voltage, with diesel option available for challenging power configurations.
  • Remote control operation – wired or wireless – allowing safe and easy use by one operator while loading material.
  • Custom drum design, paired to the material to best maximize smash compaction – wood, metal/alloys, corrugated, glass, general waste.

Our DISRUPTIVE solution for single dumpster sites.

Machine Fast Facts


  • 15-20 years Useful Life with Proper Maintenance
  • Options include Automated Lubrication
  • Standard equipment includes high wattage LED lighting for night operations, flashing safety lights and audible operating alarms
  • Programmable to timed automated Smash mode – common in loading docks, for example, requiring no operator input
  • Operates on standard 480 Volt, 240 Volt, or independent Diesel engine for remote operation

Static Smash Machine - Before
Static Smash Machine - After
Static Smash Machine Compactor Diagram