Truck Smash Machine

Truck Smash Machine by Smash My Trash, LLC

  • Disruptive economics for waste haulers and recycling companies operating between 8 and 22 hour routes.
  • Operated via truck diesel chassis, implemented and powered either via PTO or independent roll on/roll off cable hoist/hook lift.
  • Smash Truck driven to locations and dumpsters, providing on-call Smash as needed. Business model highly profitable, proven, and repeatable.
  • Allows for multiple Smashes per day per container – maximum compaction rates and flexibility for companies with multiple locations. 
  • Ideal for construction companies, home builders, manufacturers with multiple locations.

Our DISRUPTIVE solution for multiple sites and waste haulers and recycling operators.

Machine Fast Facts

The Smash Machine is extraordinarily disruptive, providing the user extreme flexibility in maximizing savings or profits net new profits.

The machine has an impressive record of successfully compacting large amounts of bulky waste in roll-off containers. Materials include pallets, wooden boxes, furniture, bulky waste, steel drums, glass, and other light metal parts can be broken and compacted by the oscillating drum. This process ensures, over time, an approximate 80% reduction in the volume of hauls required for the customer or the waste/recycling provider. The economics of this disruption are dramatic, to say the least.

Not to be outdone, the environmental benefits of 80% reduction in hauls to a transfer station or landfill are simple to quantify, and equally impressive.

  • Industrial engineering and construction, providing 15-20 years useful life with proper maintenance
  • Flexible to meet current fleet standards – hook lift, cable hoist, PTO; CDL or non-CDL operation
  • Extreme durability – climate, weather (rain, snow), as well as waste materials. Machine will compact materials from corrugated to wood, alloys to furniture, appliances to recycling materials, glass, and biomass. Electrical spools? 55 gallon steel barrels? Waste water sludge? No problem.
  • Effectively designed for 24 hour operation; standard equipment includes high wattage LED lighting for night operations, automated lubrication system, preventative maintenance software notification system.
  • Highway travel compatibility provides ability for cost effective compacting of dumpsters at multiple facilities