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Safely Reduce Dumpster
Waste Volume by up to 70%

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How a Smash Works

Our proprietary mobile compaction service safely and efficiently reduces waste volume in open-top dumpsters. This allows clients to add more material into each dumpster, reducing the number of hauls and significantly lowering hauling costs.


We come to your business


We compact the material in your dumpster


You save 15% or more by reducing your number of hauls


You help the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emission by 65%

Smash My Trash is Serving Sacramento

We’re proud to partner with dozens of businesses like yours across the Sacramento metro area, helping our clients reduce waste costs, reduce hauling costs, and improving their environmental footprint. Our Smash Trucks™ compact pallet waste, construction and building materials, and more! We look forward to serving you by simplifying your waste management needs. Thanks for choosing Smash My Trash.