Smash My Trash® is transforming the commercial waste industry in the Auburn, AL area.



We realized that with Smash My Trash, we could help bring a local solution to a nation-wide problem in the waste industry. As residents of the River Region, we wanted to bring this opportunity for cost-savings, as well as the the positive environmental impact, to our local folks. We then opened up the market in the Auburn area and north to the Georgia line. This forward-thinking service has been very well received and is making a dramatic difference in the waste operations of our customers.


Montgomery, and the rest of the River Region as it is called, has much history and a rich culture. It has beautiful waterways and landscapes, as well as a thriving economy. Auburn is the largest city in East Alabama and is home to not only Auburn University, but to a robust economy featuring a mix of commercial, residential, and manufacturing industries.

Some of the most important local communities we serve include:

  • Montgomery
  • Hope Hill
  • Millbrook
  • Deatsville
  • Wetumpka
  • Verbena
  • Selma
  • Troy
  • Tuskgee
  • Auburn
  • Opelika
  • Valley
  • Lagrange, GA
  • Columbus, GA

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Some of the most important local industries we serve include:

Automotive Suppliers


Home Builders


Home Improvement

Smash My Trash Indy BBB Business Review
Smash My Trash Indy BBB Business Review

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