How Does a Mobile Dumpster Compactor Work?

A mobile dumpster compactor works by compressing and compacting waste inside open-top dumpsters with the assistance of a large, rotating drum. Mobile waste compaction services bring dumpster compactors on-site to the customer. This allows compaction services to take place almost anywhere the client needs.

Smash My Trash services take mobile waste compaction to the next level with our innovative Smash Trucks®. Our unique approach to compacting your commercial waste provides space you may not have realized is available. Drag the slider over the photo to see what a dramatic difference we make to the waste in your open-top dumpsters.

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Benefits of Dumpster Compaction with Smash My Trash

What set’s the Smash My Trash message apart from the competition is the dedication to details. Our purpose is to add value to businesses. If that isn’t happening, we will work with our customer’s individually to improve the situation. The last thing we want is to be just another cost to worry about.

Our Smash Trucks®

Mobile waste compaction trucks aren’t all built equal. The difference in Smash Truck’s quality compared to competitors is significant. Some of the best features include:


  • Low-emission trucks that are Clean-Idle certified
  • Utilizes the natural weight of the drum, no dangerous hydraulic pressure involved in compaction
  • Drum safety guards to ensure dumpsters are protected
  • ZERO TOUCH driver policy protects bins from any sort of contact
  • German and North American manufacturing and parts
  • Multiple livestream cameras to record all operations
smash truck operation

Stationary Dumpster Compactors vs. Mobile Waste Compaction

As their name implies, stationary dumpster compactors use a hydraulic ram to push and compact the contents of proprietary dumpsters, which are then detached and hauled away. Stationary compactors are huge machines that require a lot of electricity and maintenance. Employees must be trained on proper use, which includes sorting and piling trash in a specific manner, as well as diagnosing issues and malfunctions. While stationary dumpster compactors can be effective, they are expensive, take up a lot of space, and require constant manual effort and operation.

Two dumpster compactors

Stationary Dumpster Compactor

Smash Truck – Mobile Dumpster Compactor

Compare these to our monthly mobile waste compaction service. We monitor your waste, and our Smash Truck arrives at your location as frequently as needed. We shred the waste using a revolving drum that glides back and forth over your trash. This compacts the material by eliminating the air pockets, which allows you to add much more material to the dumpster before it needs to be hauled. We even notify you when it is time to call your hauler. We do all this without impacting your employees or your business operations. 

Your safety and satisfaction are second to none. Our Smash Trucks have numerous safety features built into them, which protect dumpsters from damage. And our expert operators are the very best in the business, maintaining our comprehensive ZERO-TOUCH policy for all containers.


Trusted by the biggest industries driving America forward

By adding our proprietary mobile compaction, leaders in the biggest industries in the U.S. are experiencing safe and efficient waste volume reductions by up to 70%. Mobile compaction allows them to add more material into each dumpster, reducing the number of hauls while significantly lowering their hauling costs and environmental footprint.

We accomplish all of this without interfering with your operations, so you can focus more on your business and less on your trash. We even let you know when it’s time to call your hauler.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As a radical new solution to traditional, outdated waste removal, we get it – you have questions. And we have the answer!

What exactly is Smash My Trash?

We are a mobile waste compaction company. Our proprietary Smash Trucks™ safely and efficiently compact the waste in open-top dumpsters by as much as 70%. This allows customers to add more waste to their dumpsters with fewer hauls, saving time and money, as well as the headaches often associated with late, inconsistent, and expensive haulers.

What are the environmental benefits of this service?

By reducing the number of hauls, we reduce the number of garbage trucks on the road. In fact, Smash My Trash reduces CO2 emissions by more than 155 million pounds annually – equivalent to removing 15,000 cars from the road each year. Additionally, compacted materials take up far less space in landfills.

How often do you come to my business?

As often as you wish! By personalizing our service to fit your specific needs, we only Smash your trash when it makes sense to you. We offer a variety of service plans, and we document every Smash with photos and videos so you can see exactly how much compaction happens. We also let you know when it’s time to call your hauler. This means no more guesswork and no more waiting – two common complaints we hear from our customers about their haulers.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We strive to be your partner, not just your vendor. We do this by providing a flexible, customized solution for your trash. This includes collaborating closely with your corporate team as well as your local offices. We also regularly review our service agreement to ensure we are providing you real, measurable value. If necessary, we can adapt to your changing operations to continue providing you the best customer-first service you come to expect from Smash My Trash.


Finally, a better way to manage your waste

Are you ready to achieve significant cost savings and gain more time to focus on operations, while positively impacting the environment? Let’s talk.