Partner with Smash My Trash® to grow your business!

Smash My Trash partners with select waste haulers across the United States. Hauling companies who become Smash partners are granted exclusive access to our nationwide customer base, creating avenues for significant growth while embracing our disruptive environmental and economic value.

Why become a Certified Smash Partner?

  • Access to incremental business through nationwide customer base of Smash My Trash.
  • Get paid quickly and directly from us, on time every time.
  • Partner with the national leader known for exceptional customer satisfaction and retention, who is positively disrupting the waste management industry.
  • Operate a leaner, more efficient, and more profitable hauling company, all while improving customer pick-up time.
  • Reduce exposure to unreliable drivers and out of service trucks, while driving more revenue per container.
  • Embrace environmental advocacy – join the industry leader in dramatically reducing CO2 emissions.

Benefits to Customers

  • No more delays in pickups.
  • Substantial cost savings. Our clients typically save 15% or more on their total waste bills.
  • Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Smash My Trash reduced annual CO2 emissions in the U.S. by 155 million pounds yearly. This is the equivalent of saving 7.9 million gallons of gasoline or saving enough energy to power 13,709 houses annually.
  • One stop shopping – we work directly with Certified Smash Partners to facilitate timing of pickups.

To apply to become a Certified Smash Partner, please complete the form below.