Compacting your construction waste can save money and keep your site cleaner

As construction materials at your company or construction site pile up, let Smash My Trash help you reduce operating costs and keep your site orderly. Count on Smash My Trash for fast, effective, and convenient commercial waste compaction.

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Why you should add mobile compaction to your construction waste


A partner who is aligned with your needs

Whether you’re building an office park or a new neighborhood of single-family homes, your waste can build up quickly. Smash My Trash compacts your waste volume by up to 70%, so you can add a LOT more to each dumpster before it is hauled.


Service when YOU need it

Smash My Trash is available when you need us. We are reliable, timely and we even let you know when it’s time to call your hauler.


More space at your jobsite

When free space matters, you can count on us. By reducing waste volume, you can put more materials in your dumpsters and free up extra room to get the job done.


The more we Smash,

the more you save®

Our Smash Trucks® are unlike anything you have ever seen, and our unique approach to compacting your commercial waste provides space you may not have realized is available. Drag the slider over the photo to see what a dramatic difference we make to the waste in your open-top dumpsters

Some of the biggest construction industries we serve include:

  • Commercial Construction
  • Residential Construction
  • Home Builders
  • Home Improvement
  • Building Materials
  • Suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a radical new solution to traditional, outdated waste removal, we get it - you have questions. And we have the answer!

What exactly is Smash My Trash?

We are a waste compaction service that helps companies significantly reduce their operating costs and simultaneously achieve genuine environmental benefits. Our proprietary Smash Trucks® safely and efficiently compact the waste in open-top dumpsters by as much as 70%. This allows customers to add more waste to their dumpsters with fewer hauls, saving time and money. We are rapidly transforming the commercial waste industry by aligning our business with our customers’ interests.

What are the environmental benefits of this service?

By reducing the number of hauls, we reduce the number of garbage trucks on the road. In fact, Smash My Trash reduces CO2 emissions by more than 155 million pounds annually - equivalent to removing 15,000 cars from the road each year. Additionally, compacted materials take up far less space in landfills.

Does this damage my dumpster?

Absolutely not. Our proprietary technology is engineered from the ground up to Smash trash while protecting dumpsters. Smash Trucks are engineered with precision German and North American components and are equipped with exclusive drum guards that ensure no part of our Mobile Smash Machines™ can contact a dumpster’s inner walls, doors, or flooring. Our operators complete extensive nationwide training while following our strict “ZERO-TOUCH” policy. And all Smashes are video recorded at multiple angles, to protect our operators and our customers.

How often do you come to my business?

As often as you wish! By personalizing our service to fit your specific needs, we only Smash your trash when it makes sense to you. We offer a variety of service plans, and we document every Smash with photos and videos so you can see exactly how much compaction happens. We also let you know when it’s time to call your hauler. This means no more guesswork and no more waiting - two common complaints we hear from our customers about their haulers.

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We strive to be your partner, not just your vendor. We do this by providing a flexible, customized solution for your trash. This includes collaborating closely with your corporate team as well as your local offices. We also regularly review our service agreement to ensure we are providing you real, measurable value. If necessary, we can adapt to your changing operations to continue providing you the best customer-first service you come to expect from Smash My Trash.

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