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Mobile Waste Compaction


Serving the Oakland area

Included in our service area:

  • Oakland
  • San Leandro
  • Alameda
  • Treasure Island
  • San Lorenzo
  • Castro Valley
  • North Hayward


Reason #1: Our business model is simple: We reduce your costs and split the savings with you.  Our customers in the East Bay are saving an average of over $45,000 per year using Smash My Trash.

Reason #2: We reduce your Environmental Impact.  With the nearest landfill over 30 miles away from Oakland, hauling uncompacted waste produces huge amounts of greenhouse gases.  SMT Oakland customers eliminate an average of more than 15,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually from their operations.  We also reduce traffic, lower wear and tear on our local infrastructure and minimize the amount of landfill space used for waste disposal.

Reason #3: Eliminate the risk of damage to equipment and injury to personnel.  Many of our customers were smashing their trash manually before adopting our service.  Using SMT’s purpose-built technology eliminates the potential for damage to their valuable equipment and for injury to their employees.  No more need to break down large materials by hand or have employees in your dumpsters to try and reduce your volume.  We will also significantly increase your waste compaction.

Reason #4: Using our service requires NO additional equipment, NO additional labor and NO training.  Best of all, the savings and benefits start from the first day of we start smashing.

We have dozens of enterprise and non-profit customers in the local area across a wide range of business types.  We would be happy to provide examples and references upon request.

Contact us to run the numbers and see how much money we can save your business!


Some of the most important local industries we serve include:

General Freight

Commercial Construction



With every Smash, you help us help the environment. By reducing your number of waste hauls, we slash CO2 emissions by an average of 65% at customer locations. Fewer hauls also means fewer garbage trucks on the road, and Smashed waste materials also take up far less space in landfills.


Reduction in CO2 Emissions


Reduction in Dumpster Waste Volume


Reduction in Fuel Use

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