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The More We Smash, the More You Save®

Our proprietary mobile compaction service safely and efficiently reduces waste volume in open-top dumpsters. This allows clients to add more material into each dumpster, reducing the number of hauls and significantly lowering hauling costs.


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With Smash My Trash, our clients benefit from:

A Locally Owned
National Brand

Smash My Trash has 162 locally owned offices in 41 states. We are trusted by thousands of businesses nationwide.

True Cost

Our Smash Trucks® compact commercial waste volume by up to 70%, significantly reducing waste hauling costs.

Simplified Waste Hauling

More space in the dumpster means fewer hauls. Our customers have more control over the budget with less visits from a hauler.

Exceptionally High
Customer Satisfaction

182 Google reviews in the past 12 months (average 4.9 / 5.0 stars)

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