Real Cost Savings with Smash My Trash®

The More We Smash, the More You Save®

The importance of a streamlined waste management process for businesses can’t be emphasized enough. Smash My Trash gives businesses agency over their monthly waste costs in a unique and effective manner.

Our proprietary mobile compaction service safely and efficiently reduces the waste volume in open-top dumpsters. This allows clients to add more material into each dumpster, reducing the number of hauls and significantly lowering hauling costs.

With Smash My Trash, our clients benefit from:

A Locally Owned
National Brand

Smash My Trash has 162 locally owned offices in 41 states. We are trusted by thousands of businesses nationwide.

True Cost

Our Smash Trucks® compact commercial waste volume by up to 70%, significantly reducing waste hauling costs.

Simplified Waste Hauling

More space in the dumpster means fewer hauls. Our customers have more control over the budget with less visits from a hauler.

Exceptionally High
Customer Satisfaction

182 Google reviews in the past 12 months (average 4.9 / 5.0 stars)

How Does Waste Compaction with Smash My Trash Reduce Operating Costs?

Smash My Trash services reduce operating costs by limiting the number of necessary hauls to a landfill or transfer station. It works by deploying a mobile waste compaction unit that we call a “Smash Truck®” on-site of a business to compact waste inside open-top dumpsters. This process is proven to reduce the waste volume inside dumpsters by up to 70%. The end result is a reduction in unnecessary hauls to the landfill, keeping total operations expenses down and satisfaction high.


Smash Truck side profile

Fewer Hauls = Lower Hauling Fees

It’s no surprise that removing the amount of open-top dumpster hauls can lead to more savings down the road. Every client’s waste volume varies, but we aren’t happy at Smash My Trash unless your operating expenses are lower after our service is included. Honesty is a cornerstone of our service. If you aren’t saving money, we will move on. 

Fewer Per Haul “Add-On” Fees

A common practice in the waste-hauling industry is to punish clients for hauling away dumpsters that are over the capacity lines. Customers can quickly be nickeled and dimed by hidden charges tied to hauling away waste. Part of what makes our service special is our commitment to assisting our clients in avoiding junk fees and unnecessary charges. 


Our unique service allows us to partner with a wide variety of customers in a number of popular industries. Whatever ends up in your dumpster, chances are we can Smash it.


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Other Industries

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