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How Does Your Municipal
Waste Service Stack Up?

In an environment of ever-increasing costs and a renewed focus on sustainability, Smash My Trash delivers an innovative solution to better manage your municipal waste. At Smash My Trash, we:

  • Support local governments at better managing taxpayer dollars, by reducing waste volume in open-top dumpsters by up to 70%
  • Mitigate hauling inefficiencies by increasing the space in dumpsters
  • Alleviate CO2 emissions and other harmful pollutants
  • Stop unnecessary hauls and return time and money to our customers
  • Help offset ongoing local driver shortages, maintenance costs, and service delays

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Begin Your Municipal Waste Assessment

To better understand the benefits and challenges of your community’s unique waste operations, Smash My Trash provides a risk-free 14-day assessment. This no-cost, no-obligation service allows us to develop a customized profile of your municipality’s waste management trends – number of hauls, common material types, and more. Since no two communities are identical, there is no “one size fits all” solution. This assessment helps us develop a strategy that works best for your agency.

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