Inside a Smash Truck: What Makes These Mobile Dumpster Compactors So Unique?

by | Apr 14, 2023

Not all mobile waste compaction services are built equally. There are crucial safety features, logistical hurdles, and emission standards all factoring into a successful compaction vehicle. Smash My Trash has spent multiple years refining and perfecting these key details in the pursuit of an ideal mobile waste compaction unit. The result is a trash compactor vehicle we call the Smash Truck®.


What is a Smash Truck?

A Smash Truck® is a unique mobile dumpster compactor designed by Smash My Trash with the intentions of raising the standard for mobile waste compaction vehicles. A mobile dumpster compactor works by compacting open-top dumpster waste using a large rotating drum to shred, compact, and destroy materials inside the bin. The device is attached to a vehicle, making on-site compaction possible almost anywhere within the range of a car or truck.

We save businesses time and money with mobile waste compaction services. The result of this process is more space in every dumpster we compact. Compounded with scheduled routine visits, this has a positive cascading effect on business operations.

It’s not uncommon to see Smash My Trash customers cutting their waste costs in half by adding our services and limiting the number of hauls necessary. Through our years of dedication, Smash Truck’s® waste volume compaction percentages are as high as 70%.

The Smash Truck Difference

What sets our Smash Truck® apart from the competition is the technology built into every vehicle. The mobile waste compaction industry is a new part of the waste management process. The difference is we’ve been involved since the beginning. In our 8+ years in the industry, we’ve had time to implement customer feedback, evaluate real-world results, and match the demand for emission-conscious vehicles.

Environmentally Friendly Design

The best mobile waste compaction vehicles are built with the environment in mind. What’s the point of offering the service if it’s adding to a global emissions issue? Smash My Trash services are backed by scientific data conducted by a third-party researcher. The findings prove that Smash Truck’s services help reduce business operation CO2 emissions by 65%. In 2022, Smash My Trash directly reduced carbon emissions by 155.3 million pounds. That’s the equivalent of taking over 15,000 cars off American roads each year!

Our service removes emissions from fossil-fuel heavy haulers, but we also found a way to make our own Smash Trucks more efficient. We utilize the best fuel-efficient equipment available, allowing all Smash Truck vehicles to be California Clean Idle Certified.

Dumpster and Employee Protection

We prioritize safety at Smash My Trash. Compacting waste material comes with a unique set of challenges with lots of questions. Let’s take a moment to answer some of the most common safety questions we get.

Q: Does SMT services damage dumpsters?

A: Absolutely not. Protecting our customers’ dumpsters is just as important as the service we offer. We’ve installed guards on the sides of every drum, preventing any contact with the dumpster walls, doors, or flooring.

Q: Do Smash Trucks use hydraulic pressure to compact waste inside dumpsters?

A: Smash Trucks DO NOT use hydraulic pressure to compact waste. The drum’s natural weight is all needed to properly compact waste.

Q: How can we ensure our dumpsters and employees are safe while you are smashing?

A: A Smash Truck is equipped with cameras monitoring every smash that is conducted from multiple angles to protect operators, and customers, and provide peace of mind for everyone involved. All Smash Truck operators follow a strict “ZERO-TOUCH” policy to ensure an additional level of dumpster safety.

smash truck operation

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