Waste Compaction Safety Protocols

by | Jun 23, 2023

Mobile waste compaction is an emerging industry that can be a great complement to the efforts of an operations team. Due to its emergence in the waste management market, there are concerns from warehouse managers that the service cannot mesh with some of the strict safety protocols of a large business operation model. Here at Smash My Trash, we put safety at the forefront of everything we do. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with businesses all over the country to prove we can mesh with any safety regulations companies require.

In this blog, we’ll be dissecting some of the safety protocols associated with our service necessary to maintain a professional business relationship. From our strict dumpster protection policy to our unique approach to flexible regulations, we prioritize keeping customers happy while improving their bottom line and lowering total carbon emissions at every location we service.

Is Waste Compaction Safe?

For plenty of business owners, the idea of waste compaction is so brand new they may have never heard of the concept of “mobile waste compaction“. That’s why we’d like to take a moment to clear up any confusion around the service.

Mobile waste compaction utilizes the mobility of a vehicle, combined with the equipment to compact open-top dumpster waste in a similar fashion to a stationary compactor. This process reduces the total waste volume inside of a bin allowing for more waste in each haul, in turn reducing the total waste bill associated with a business.

Smash My Trash trucks, known as “Smash Trucks®” are designed to operate in a manner that protects open-top dumpsters from any structural damage. This is possible through precise engineering centered around a proprietary design that exploits the natural weight of the drum over hydraulic pressure. This ensures waste is compacted under appropriate amounts of pressure that cannot harm open-top dumpsters. Additionally, all drivers follow a strict “ZERO TOUCH” guideline to ensure no tampering or unwanted adjustments to the bins are made.

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Why are Safety Protocols Important for Waste Compaction?

With the operation of any large equipment comes a set of safety guidelines and training exercises to ensure no damage or harm is caused to those involved. Mobile waste compacting vehicles are no exception to this standard. Maintaining a level of consistency with safety procedures ensures clients and truck operators are working at a high level without fear of external damage or employee harm.

Potential risks for unsafe operation include:

  • Untrained staff operating heavy machinery
  • Inability to perform an emergency stop/halt
  • Unsafe conditions caused by lack of protective equipment like visible vests and hardhats
  • Overloading of open-top dumpsters
  • Overbearing on mobile waste compaction units

Through our rigorous internal training guidelines and a fixation on our clients’ safety protocol needs, we’ve eliminated as many scenarios for an accident possible. Additionally, Smash Trucks are designed with our customers in mind. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting current and future generations of trucks to accommodate the requirements of our clients.

How Smash My Trash Ensures Safe and Effective Waste Compaction

Precautions are an extremely important part of proper safety protocols. We’ve built out sets of principles we carry to every jobsite that make us unique to the mobile waste compaction industry. 

Strict Dumpster Protection Policy

SMT’s (Smash My Trash) zero-touch policy is a cornerstone of precautionary measures related to the service. What this means is our drivers are trained to avoid any unnecessary contact with open-top dumpsters placed on the site. This is complemented with a series of cameras built into the vehicles that provide an additional layer of comfort for clients. If there’s ever a concern about anything going wrong, there’s footage to review and access.

Flexibility for Your Specific Needs

We’ve worked in multiple industries from construction and manufacturing to trucking and recycling. The one thing that is consistent with all of them is a need for company-specific safety standards to be met. Have a rigorous vetting process for anyone on a company campus? Need specific PPE for service vendors inside your warehouse? Are there unique location requirements or limited occupancy areas? We will adapt to any safety scenario thrown at us. Our team is comfortably accommodating all these concerns and more at your request.

Safety-First Engineering

Smash Truck’s® proprietary design comes with safety features that protect the operator and the dumpsters they compact waste in. These features include things like high-powered lights installed on the arm of the drum that help with vision in darker settings, failsafe control panel settings to mitigate accidents, and weight distribution paneling to protect the equipment during operation all improve the safety of our clients’ property and the employees that surround it.

The drum on our Smash Trucks features guards along each side that assure the bins aren’t making contact with the teeth of the drum. This allows the drum to spin freely without risk of catching jagged teeth on the inside of a bin. This is a key safety feature client’s need to consider when selection a mobile compaction service that’s right for them. 

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See How Safe Waste Compaction Can Benefit Your Business

It’s important that the mobile waste compaction industry takes the time and consideration to integrate the safety practices associated with multiple businesses. At Smash My Trash, we are confident in our ability to meet client’s safety protocol needs and continue pursuing new avenues for improving our rigorous standards. With the help of quality engineering, disciplined training guidelines, and the safety standards of our clientele we can be the perfect business solution for any organization ready to take control of their waste management plan.

For more information on SMT’s safety protocols, call or reach out to us online with the contact form below.