Expand Your Clean Up Efforts with Smash My Trash

As the city of Houston and surrounding areas continue the daunting task of cleaning up after the destructive force of Hurricane Harvey, we are here to help. By compacting the waste in your dumpster and maximizing your haul capacity, you can be sure that you are only paying to haul your waste.

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Reduce Dumpster Hauls by up to 80%

Our disruptive Smash Machines reduce costs by 25-80%, improve operational efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and add to LEED certification, all while improving the flexibility and reliability of your industrial waste management solutions.

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Meet The Smash Machines

Mobile, Static, Truck and Rail. Explore Our Disruptive and Innovative Smash Machines.

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Maximize Your Smashes

Maximizing the value and efficiency of your Smashes is critical to your operations and your bottom line. For this reason we provide Valet Service to your business.

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Compaction Ratios

Imagine the benefits to your business and your bottom line if you could increase the volume and weight of material discarded in your open-top container 300-500%. Depending on the contents of your dumpster...

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  • Save Money
  • Reduce Hauls
  • Financially Simple
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Save Money

Immediately recognize 25% savings or more – Are you tired of your costs increasing every year, with fuel charges, surcharges, and restrictive contracts?

Reduce Hauls
Financially Simple